Welcome to the website of Teena’s Pride CSA, an establishment that provides local, healthy and fresh produce and brings additional income to the small communities of Miami.

Do you love greens? Are you living a healthy lifestyle? Or do you ever wish to be? If your answer is yes, then Teena’s Pride CSA is here for you. We have a farm that produces a variety of local, fresh crops, fruits and vegetables. Come and be a member of Teena’s Pride CSA and you will receive a box of freshly harvested produce every week. You can pick it up from our store or you have the option to choose any of our partnership communities nearest to your area.

Teena’s Pride CSA was established in Miami, Florida in year 2010. It is owned by our family who just wanted to help our community by marketing local, fresh produce. We started to gather the farmers that lived in their community and held a meeting in our garage door installation in tempe to discuss it. Many farmers agreed with our idea of supporting local agriculture and encouraging healthy living.

This website started simply because our family wanted to access for ourselves local and fresh produce. Our goal was to ensure healthy living and support local agriculture as well as the farmers. Then we realized that we can actually do so much more to help the farmers by connecting them to the local community, including restaurants, hotels, and any other establishments that need supply of fresh produce.

Teena’s Pride CSA managed to grow what we’ve started. We were able to mobilize the community in holding an event every last week of the month called an open market. Here, everyone can come and join, buy freshly harvested fruits, crops, vegetables, and even cooked food that use fresh ingredients from the farms. We were also able to get the support of most of Miami’s restaurants who accept the farmers’ supply of crops, fruits and vegetables. This means that when you dine in Miami, you are sure that all the food come from fresh supply. This is the actual definition of our concept of farm to fork.

Teena’s Pride CSA is also proud to share that we have already garnered 15 communities in Miami that are partners of a cooperative that we founded for this purpose. We invite the people of Miami to invest in Teena’s Pride CSA. Shareholders in the CSA share the harvest bounty with the farmers. When the harvest is plentiful the shares are large. However, just like any other business, Teena’s Pride CSA shareholders also take a risk. If ever, there is a natural disaster and the crops are destroyed, the shareholder will share the burden along with the farmers.

We are hoping that the people around Miami will support Teena’s Pride CSA until the next generation. We believe that we have enough people who desire and prefer local and fresh produce. Teena’s Pride CSA is hoping for your support to maintain our goal in giving our farmer support and promoting agriculture in every community not only in Miami but hopefully in every part of the world.

Thank you and please continue to browse to know more about us.