About Us 

Back in the early years, Teena who is the founder of Teena’s Pride CSA came to South Florida. She married a farmer and raised two children. Time passed and she lost her husband and one of her sons. Instead of selling their farm, she successfully managed her 500-hectare farm land so that her son could follow in his father’s footsteps. 

Teena wanted to serve her family in their table with fresh, local produce every day to ensure healthy living. She wanted every community to have this kind of thought for their own families as well. To make these things happen and in order to support the farmers and agriculture, she then established the CSA next to her name.  

Teena’s Pride CSA is located in Miami, Florida with 15 local community partners around the state. Since 2010, we have been a pioneer in food justice and in advocating for sustainable agriculture, due to our emphasis on community-driven solutions to the unfairness in our food system.  

Our produce is grown on the premises, either in our fields or in hydroponic greenhouses. We have a farmer’s market and farm tour on the first Sunday of each month during the harvest season, as well as chef tastings. We practice sustainable farming methods and we are inspected for food safety certification. Our monthly open market allows you to shop here in our farm. Take advantage of the hundreds of products we are selling — freshly made salads, freshly pressed apple cider vinegar and much, much more. Free tasting is also available.  

We motivate engaged individuals to develop thriving communities that have the power to feed, educate, and advocate for each other. We envision a sovereign and healthy food system rooted in social, economic, and environmental justice.  

Moreover, we have made a long-term commitment to agriculture in Miami. We love what we do and we love serving you! Come visit us and enjoy our safe, healthy, nutritious, local, fresh produce.