Fixing and Maintaining Garage Doors

There are many times when you got stuck in the car outside the garage door. It means that your garage door needs repair, maintenance, or replacement depending on the conditions. That is why; expert garage door technicians are located all over to help you in this regard. But you will be thinking about how will be the best garage door repair near me? Who will provide expert and reliable services among others? There are plenty of garage door repair companies that are available 24/7 to help you to fix all garage door related emergency problems.

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There are various garage door companies that offer repair and maintenance services such as, troubleshooting malfunctioned garage door opener, broken torsion springs, misaligned garage door tracks, and fixing the jammed garage door. Whenever you need their services, they can fix or replace the garage door according to the situation. They can also install, repair, and replace garage door cables and springs in the roller and overhead garage door. They have properly educated and trained staff that has the expertise to deal with issues of automatic garage door including, handicap garage door opener, power supply problems, and other operating systems of an overhead garage door.

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Since garage door normally performs more than a dozen operating cycles every day. It should be maintained and lubricate regularly to keep working. Following is a checklist for routine maintenance work that every homeowner can perform without any hassle. These procedures should be performed three or four times every year.

  • Wash the garage door tracks with the help of mild detergent and a stiff brush. Repaint the chipped, peeling, or cracked paint, particularly if you have a wood garage door. Use the vinyl cleaner around the frame and weather stripping of the garage door. Lubricate them with any silicone item to keep them flexible.

  • Inspect the garage door rollers. They should be replaced if they seem rusted or damaged. You can buy it from a garage door dealer near you. Replacing the rollers is very easy, first use a socket wrench to loosen the screw and bolts holding the rollers at their place and then remove the broken rollers. Insert the new rollers and then fasten the bolts and screws.
  • Check the garage door tracks to confirm they are properly aligned and balanced. If not, they should be adjusted to their original position. To do this, simply lose the tracks but don’t remove them. Just loosen the screws which hold the tracks and then adjust the tracks. Recheck the alignment with the level scale. Once they are adjusted, refasten the mounting brackets.

  • Inspect the mounting brackets that connect the tracks to the wall. In case, they are loose, tighten them securely. Inspect the garage door thoroughly from inside the garage to determine if they have dents, crimping, or flat spots on the tracks. Dented tracks can be pounded out using a rubber hammer, mallet, and block of wood. Don’t use a heavy metal hammer which can cause more damages. Broken tracks should be replaced with the support of a professional technician.
  • Loose hardware should be tightened when required. You may find loose screws on the plates where torsion springs are placed. Inspect the roller garage door to find out loose nuts and screws that hold sections of the garage door together. Well, the sagging garage door on one direction can be fixed by installing new screws. Enlarge holes should be filled with wood and longer screws when needed.

  • Check and adjust the tension of torsion springs by shifting them to the next hole. Torsion springs that have pulleys can be adjusted by pulling the cable on the plate at the top of the garage door.
    • NOTE: a roller garage door that has a single torsion spring mounted at the center of a garage door cannot be fixed by the unskilled person. The stress on the spring is high enough to cause serious injuries and damages. They need to be replaced by a professional garage door experts.
  • Use a high-quality household cleaner to remove accumulated dirt and grease from tracks and rollers thoroughly. Lubricate all the moving parts with motor oil. Pour few drops of oil to a rag to lubricate tracks and pay special attention to the curved sections. Lubricate the springs with an oily rug and wipe the excess oil with a cleaned cloth.

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Routine garage door maintenance is always in the hands of the technical homeowners. Major garage door repair is always performed best by the experienced, skilled, and trained garage door professionals.