Enjoy a wide variety of local, sustainable, fresh crops, vegetables and fruits every week. Fruit is included in all of our harvest boxes each week. We grow our own apples, peaches, strawberries, blueberries,  pears, raspberries, plums, and much more! 

Why do you have to join in Teena’s Pride CSA? Here are the services that we offer:  

Seasonal, Homegrown items – We offer hundreds of different varieties of fruits and vegetables and crops, grown using only natural and sustainable growing practices, grown right here on our farm! As a CSA member, you will receive first access to specialty crops that are not available to the general public. With your harvest box each week, you will receive delicious recipes tailored to each week’s contents, great for trying new things. Also, you will have access to a variety of other locally grown products throughout the season, such as Christmas trees and turkeys for Christmas and Thanksgiving, cranberries in the fall, and bonus items such as our Fresh Apple Cider made from our own homegrown apples!  

Buy Local – Your support will be a huge help in the sustainability of small local farms. You can connect with the food you eat by meeting our farmers and exploring the farms once a month. 

Eat Well – You can serve the freshest food for your family. Explore new food and learn to cook with them. Find out that greens aren’t just good for you, they’re tasty too! 

Be Healthy – Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits using local, fresh products of our farm. Share healthy eating habits with your kids. It is better if you expose them early to a variety of regional produce. 

Protect the Environment – Support farmers who take care of their land by growing food in ways that take care of the soil. Cut down the number of miles that your food travels.